A new routine (Day 3)

I began a new workout routine that I pulled straight out of a workout book. Not just any book, but the bible of workout books ‘The Body You Want In the Time You Have.’ It has all sorts of workouts based on the number of days a week and hours per day you have dedicated to gettin’ all sweaty. Not only does it cater to EVERY possible workout restriction (one day, ten minutes a day, all the way to six days a week for an hour), it also lets you choose your goal (size, strength, go lean, or complete workout). I chose the 5 days/week, 60 min. per workout routine (go lean workout). It is day three and I am liking it a lot so far. I am not starving, and I’m not at the gym for hours and hours. I am, however, getting a great workout that stretches one muscle group one day and works it out the other. And then it switches. My body is loving it. Yesterday I almost got a little freaked out when I glanced in the mirror and didn’t see any gut where there was a little gut before. Hahaha. It is a good thing to be surprised by. Tomorrow is my rest day. If I was a good workout person, a HEALTHY workout person, I’d actually rest. We shall see. I am trying to stick to the routine laid out in the book as much as possible, so I will at least try not to convince myself to go to the gym. Rest days are beneficial too, and a lot of the time, even more so than a workout. Imagine that! No really. Imagine. Its so out there, it must be true. It’s such a cutting edge theory. A simple one, and one that I have had a hard time with, that is until now. I understand it now, and shall bring my body to do that which is good for me.

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